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Maker :Daewoo
Type : Hatchback Passengers Car

Variant Price (Mumbai)
  SA 4,06,000
  SD 3,40,000
  SE 4,15,000
  SG 3,58,000
  SP 3,75,000
  SS 3,05,000



Daewoo Matiz a cute little car that won accolades and awards globally. The satisfactory 800cc engine does just fine in this car and delivers good mileage figures. With the death of Daewoo, the spares are a problem, but the Matiz still has a huge fan following. It was a car that drove well, had a good ride and was quite a head-turner, hence the high sales in its time. With GM promising to take care of the Matiz cars still on our roads, the owners have some respite coming their way.


Daewoo Matiz SS 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 18.5 kmpl

Daewoo Matiz SD 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 18.5 kmpl

Daewoo Matiz SG 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 18.5 kmpl

Daewoo Matiz SP 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 18.5 kmpl

Daewoo Matiz SA 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 – 18.5 kmpl

Daewoo Matiz SE 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.4 – 18.5 kmpl

Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Daewoo Matiz is known for it’s best mileage car in the small segment of cars. Matiz 800 is loaded with a 796cc, 4-stroke, water cooled SOHC engine that is efficient enough to deliver 13.4 kmpl in the city and around 18.5 kmpl on the highways. All the variants have 35 Liter Fuel tank.


Daewoo Matiz is powered by a 796cc, 4-stroke, water cooled SOHC engine. The engine has three pots and outputs 53 bhp at 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 71 Nm at 3500rpm. All the variants are powered by the same engine which is mated to a four speed gearbox.

Exterior Appearance

Daewoo Matiz has a very cute look from outside. Daewoo Matiz has an overall Length of 3459 mm and an overall Width 1495 mm along with a height of overall 1505. Besides two sleeker headlamps and were integrated with barreled parking lights. The front bumper was also revamped and was made broader and extended to the front down of the Daewoo Matiz. The sides are somewhat box type with ORVMs and side indicators on the side fenders. Despite being a small car, it has a ground clearance of 170mm that is decent enough to handle the big pothole rich Indian roads. The wheel base of new Daewoo Matiz is 2340mm. It weighs 800kg. The light system of the car has been placed to suit the driver perfectly along with the looks. The rear lights add to the beauty of the favorite car of the Indians.

Interior Appearance

The interior appearance of Daewoo Matiz is extremely cosy. It is a very classy car and can provide extreme comfort to the users. It is primarily a 4 seated car, including the driver. However, it can still accommodate 5 people. There is a two spoke steering wheel with the Daewoo Matiz logo placed at the centre. The instrument cluster just besides the steering has minimal indictors. There is a large dial type speedometer at the centre and two small stay type fuel and temperature gauges on one side. On the other side of the speedometer there are indictors such as oil, battery etc. The Ac and other AC controls are mounted on the box that surrounds the instrument cluster. The steering is placed perfectly and adds to the inner beauty of the car. The roof is high enough to provide comfort to the users and is low enough to ensure a cosy feeling to the users. The car is not meant for excess load. However, it can prove to be extremely easy if the limit is followed correctly.


Daewoo Matiz Wheels, it has a tyre Size of 155/70 R13 and the tyre type is radial. The wheel size is 13 x 4.5J. There is no alloy wheel option available.

Braking and Handling

Daewoo Matiz has excellent braking system along with the option of emergency brakes. The front and rear brake drum is placed brilliantly and there are very few complain about them. The general handling of the car is above average. Most of the drivers find the car to be extremely comfortable and smooth in several ways.

Handling and Safety

Daewoo Matiz has a very good braking system. The general handling of the car is superb, but there are certain safety issues. Daewoo Matiz has not much safety features yet the standard safety features are there. It has an intelligent computerized anti-theft system in order to prevent the car being stolen. The door locks are perfect and should not create any problems in any way. It is also equipped with front and rear seat belts for driver and passenger safety and a headlamp leveling device to ensure hassle-free night driving.