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Alto 800

Alto 800

Maker :Maruti
Type : Hatchback Passengers Car

Variant Price (Mumbai)
  CNG Std
  LXI Airbag



In a glittering ceremony Indias most successful automaker Maruti Suzuki launched the anticipated small car Maruti Alto 800. Available 6 pulsating colors it will be available in as many variants too, with 3 of petrol and 3 of CNG. The mileage of Maruti Alto 800 gets approval of ARAI with whopping 22.7 km/l and 30.4 km/kg for petrol and CNG respectively. Besides mileage, another impressive aspect is Maruti Alto 800 price that opens with Rs 2.44 lakh for base model and climbs up to Rs 2.99 lakh for top petrol model. It took 12 years for this lip-smacking feature-list to come that includes elements like solid wheel arches, imposing front grille, clear glass headlamps and sharper styling cues on the outer surface. The inside gets bright and airy twin-tone design, enhanced fabric at door trims, catchy silver accents on console along with 3-spoke steering wheel. The competition will definitely come up to the throat with rivals Tata Nano, Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai Eon.


Maruti Alto 800 Base 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 LX 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 LXI 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 LXI Airbag 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 CNG Base 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 CNG LX 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Maruti Alto 800 CNG LXI 796cc, Manual, Petrol, 17.4 - 22.4 kmpl

Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

This small wonder by the Indias largest car maker is certainly very fuel-efficient. under the hood, the 796cc of three cylinder petrol engine is giving duty, which not only gives out good power and torque at low rpm but is also successful in delivering high mileage. The five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine is makes the car to give out 22.74kmpl for the petrol variant. The CNG powered Alto 800 variant is capable of running about 30.46km/kg.


The New Maruti Alto 800 is based on its steadfast Alto F8D platform that has gone through some major tweaks in the engine compartment for the betterment of the new vehicle. And this ensures the car to perform well every time you are behind the wheels. The Maruti Alto 800 that has enough room to seat 5 individuals and is loaded with greater load-drag capabilities with improved power and performance numbers. The 0.8L, 796cc, 3-cylider engine churns out maximum power of 48 PS at 6000 rpm along with 69 Nm of peak torque at 3500 rpm. The power and torque number will be greater as compared to existing Maruti Alto. The mini engine is controlled by superior 32-bit computer, while is coupled with 5-speed manual transmission that has new cable type gear shift. On the other hand, the presence of Maruti Alto 800 CNG version is bound to attract consumers with its captivating mileage figures.

Exterior Appearance

The exterior design upgrade is the one that the small car enthusiasts had been looking for since a decade of existing Alto launch, which is in its 12th year with no exterior facelift. The earlier Maruti Alto was one of the best selling small cars from the stable of Maruti Suzuki India and this new version has had some cosmetic changes, which are making it look fabulous. There are some basic ingredients of the older version in this latest entrant in its overall profile. The basic foundation, chassis and other essential aspects remain the same, but there have been quite a few changes to the outsides as well as the insides. It is being said that the wheel base of this latest entrant is almost the same as the earlier version, but at the same time this new Maruti Alto 800 is approximately about 100mm shorter than its earlier sibling. The large air dam just below the grille provides Maruti Alto 800 a bold quotient, which goes completely missing from the existing Maruti Alto model. And with all-black treatment of air-dam that contrasts the reworked bumper creating a sporty feel to the mini car. The front wind screen is made up of toughened glass and has been fitted with a pair of intermittent wipers. This new Maruti Alto 800 also gets a hint of a front chin spoiler, which is making it look sportier and much refined than the outgoing version. The side profile is smooth and lustrous with body colored door handles and the external rear view mirrors, which add to the sophistication of this new small car.

Interior Appearance

The engineers as well as the designers have done a wonderful job with the interiors of this new Maruti Alto 800. The insides have been done up tastefully and are now looking more refined and cultured. Now Alto looks much proportionate from inside than ever. The car features new fabric in its seats and door trims. These seats are very slim and have integrated headrests. These seats occupy less space than before and give you more space inside. The car has a seating capacity of five people. However the three passengers at the back may not prefer long journeys in this car because its less in space and you will keep on searching for comfort inside. Legroom and headroom will be a major concern for tall people. The can and bottle holders near gear shift lever are pleasing, while the rectangular AC ducts are replaced by cute looking modern spherical ones. Though there is a sole dial in the instrument cluster but it holds numerous functions with many indicators incorporated in it. Another welcoming part is the augmentation of storage spaces in the form of knick-knack storage bins at dash or coin holders at the doors or even on the floor console and map pockets at the back of front seats. Overall Maruti Alto 800 interiors will be the best offering by the company in the 800 series small car category.


The new Maruti Alto 800 is certainly very refreshing and stylish. The car has been based on the Alto platform. The exteriors have been properly worked out giving it a very nice and chic appearance. The wheel arches are satisfactorily pronounced, which comes fitted with 145/80R12 tubeless tyres that try their best to provide a very smooth and bump-free ride on the uneven terrain of India.

Braking and Handling

Maruti Alto 800 has been designed and developed keeping in mind the basic requirements and needs of the aspiring Indian car consumers. People now prefer an affordable car, which has been well-equipped with strong braking system, which makes the car up to the mark when on road. The gear shift gets improvement with smooth shifting across city traffics. The tyre that is of 12-inch feels subdued initially times but grip well on road. The suspensions of Maruti Alto 800 are gas filled Mcpherson Struts which perform their duty honestly letting least ripples of road-side undulations reach occupants of the car.

Handling and Safety

Apart from getting modern styling in the exteriors and some apt features in the interiors Maruti Alto 800 also don some reasonable safety features for the occupants making their journey well-protected. Although, being a price conscious mass segment car, Maruti Alto 800 safety features are not that very hi-tech ones found in Mercs or BMWs, but still they adequately fulfill the requirement of Indian consumers. The control is given to the driver and the brakes here are very responsive. Sadly the car does miss out on advanced features like Anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution system or other safety features like airbags or brake assist. But there are seat belts for all passengers and the body frame is strong that it can absorb maximum force in case of collision or accident.