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Maker :TATA
Type : Minivan Minivans And Vans

Variant Price (Mumbai)



Tata Motors, is known by its name Tata, this name does not need any introduction. Tata has launched the Venture, a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) with the footprint and maneuverability of a hatchback , but the interior space of a utility vehicle. It comes with 1.4L, 475 IDI Turbo, 4-Cylinder 16V, 1405 cc engine. The engine paired with a five speed manual gearbox, gives a maximum power output of 49 bhp. The gorgeous model from Tata comes in three special variants, Tata Venture CX, Tata Venture EX and Tata Venture GX. The powerful engine produces a excellent fuel economy of 15.42 kmpl.


Tata Venture CX 1405cc, Manual, Diesel, 11.5 - 15.42 kmpl

Tata Venture EX 1405cc, Manual, Diesel, 11.5 - 15.42 kmpl

Tata Venture GX 1405cc, Manual, Diesel, 11.5 - 15.42 kmpl

Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

The Multi Utility vehicle (MUV) from Tata Motors is designed for big Indian families looking for a relaxes carrier with upmarket looks. Tata Venture brings high technology for the users so that they can enjoy enormous performance with great fuel efficiency. The MUV comes loaded with 1.4L, TCIC engine which is there in many other Tata vehicles. Those having doubt about the performance of the engine can consult other Tata creations carrying this engine. The car gives a outstanding mileage of 15.42 kmpl as certified by ARAI. The car is equipped with 1405 cc, 4 cylinder, 1.4 Litre turbo diesel engine that gives max power of 71 PS at 4,500 rpm and 135 Nm at 2500 rpm.


The all exciting Tata Venture is fully loaded with a 1405 cc, both Euro III (TCIC) and Euro IV (Turbomax) compliant engine. It assures to bring an remarkable 71 PS of raw Power @ 4500 rpm and a high torque of 135 Nm @ 2500 rpm producing great fuel efficiency and performance on Indian roads.

Exterior Appearance

Its European appearance that pleases both corporate buyers as well as families. The four side doors are placed keeping in mind the requirements of customers. There is a fold just below the door windows along with a double frame for the second and third row windows. These windows have been designed in a wonderful balance to match the rectangular body of Tata Venture. To portrait a luxury look to the vehicle, the front side of the van has been designed with subtle detailing, which includes goof frame and front grille. There is no frame in the front grille, which although has the logo of Tata Motors.

Interior Appearance

When it comes to the interior, the Tata Venture contains the much praised and the most pleasing interior beauty that can temp the buyers just at first look. The van guarantees maximum comfort for passenger by including various comfortable and convenience features. Its interior comprises great space so that 8 passengers including driver can comfortably occupy the place and enjoy the fantastic experience of riding. Besides, it has a flat roof to ensures the great occupancy for all passengers with equal space. Apart from that it also make sure that the interior comfort for you by introducing a number of features, which can be only found in luxurious vehicles. It is the most reasonable van and anyone can easily afford to purchase. The van is equipped with a number of luxurious features such as Dual AC, Vanity Mirror, Front Fog Lamps, Tachometer, and many more.

Engine Capacity and Performance

Equipped with 1405 cc, 4 cylinder, 1.4 Litre turbo diesel engine that gives max power of 71 PS at 4,500 rpm and 135 Nm at 2500 rpm. The car gives a outstanding mileage of 15.42 kmpl as certified by ARAI.


Tata Venture has been equipped with steel wheels and the size of the tyres is 165 R 14. This particular pattern of tyres provide tighter and stronger grip on tough roads in India. These tyres also offers jerk free ride to make your journey more comfatable.

Braking and Handling

Tata Venture is equipped with drum brakes at the rear and front both. But looking at the rest of the vehicles from same segment the braking system of Tata Venture takes away a point from this stunning vehicle. The suspension system employed in Tata Venture is smart that not only ensures comfortable and jerk free ride but also provides support to the frame of the car.

Handling and Safety

The New Tata Venture 2011 is designed in compliance with the safety norms and guidelines prevalent in the Indian automotive industry. Some of the safety features that the vehicle boast are front crash reinforcement, collapsible steering, reverse guide system, child locking system and side impact protection beam. Venture is also fitted with engine immobiliser and front fog lamps along with drum brakes at rear and front. It is known for its good suspension system, which ensures jerk free and comfortable ride.